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Are you like The Beatboxing Puppies that loves challenging your mind, communication skills, and patience? If so, you will love the experience of playing one of Escape From Mystery Manor’s three escape rooms! This week’s Weekly Winners call themselves the The Beatboxing Puppies and they beat the Murder escape room with 15 minutes left on the clock. Keep reading to learn which escape room game your competitive duo will want to attempt!

When couples and friends work together they can find a way to escape the room
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Are you ready for the best 60 minutes you will ever spend in prison? In the Prison Break escape room at Escape From Mystery Manor you will be cuffed and placed in the Fox River Prison. No one will admit it officially, but legend has it that only one person was able to escape. It is said that he left clues so that others could follow in his footsteps. Will you and your fellow inmates be able to escape the room? Or will the Fox River Warden get to you first?

You have been called to Mystery Manor, the late estate        of an eccentric millionaire. You think, ‘Perhaps fate has    finally smiled on me!’ When you arrive, you are told you     are one of the potential heirs mentioned in the will. As      you and others hastily gather, it is announced that the millionaire’s death was sudden and mysterious -furthermore, the killer is among you! To ensure the safety   of you and the other potential heirs, you must all work together to discover who the murderer is and expose     them before the time runs out.

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escape room in meridian idaho, room 1301, escape from mystery manor

Do you believe in supernatural events? Do you believe in evil? Are you ready to escape a room that does? In order to escape EFMM Room 1301 you will have to face ghosts of the room’s past victims, survive the very walls of this haunted room, and beat the clock! Do not ignore the warnings given to you by the hotel staff or this may be one room that you never get to check out of! Do you think you can escape the room?