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Can you Solve the Puzzle faster?

This week team, “What The Hell Bob!” was able to solve every puzzle in the Prison Break Escape Room before their 60 minutes was up! Can you do it faster? Book your Prison Break adventure for this coming weekend!  Congrats to team “What The Hell Bob!” Escape From Mystery Manor’s Weekly Winners!

Can You Solve This Puzzle?

Riddles are fun and important for your brain. You can increase your cognitive brain function by participating in an escape room and attempting to solve puzzles presented in the game. We have three escape rooms guaranteed to work your brain at Escape from Mystery Manor: Room 1301, Murder at Mystery Manor, and Prison Break.

Reve up your brain and see if you can solve this puzzle in the form of a riddle… Share your answers in the comments, then check back next week for the answer. Did you solve the puzzle from last week? Before you look at the answer CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BRAINTEASER. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the answer.

What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?

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Have You Escaped the Room at EFMM?

Need something to do this weekend? Give your brain a workout and book an escape room at Escape From Mystery Manor. Each escape room has multiple puzzles you can solve individually or as a team. Working as a team is an essential part of escaping a room. Check out these tips for creating the best team for an escape room, 21 Escape Room Tips

  • GO MULTI-GENERATIONAL: Well-designed escape rooms require knowledge and skills from all facets of life. Invite your Mom & Dad, Aunts or Uncles, and even Grandma & Granda along. You never know who will solve the puzzle first! 
  • PICK AN TEAM MANAGER: Your team needs a natural leader! Chose someone who is organized, can solve puzzles and problems easily, and can multi-task. 


Solve the Puzzle & Get Featured!

Check out our Instagram to see all the players that attempted an escape room game last weekend. Book a room now for your chance to be Escape From Mystery Manors’ Weekly Winner.

Last week’s answer was “An Hourglass”