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Team of two players escaped the room at Meridians best escape room, Escape from Mystery Manor

Who Escaped the Room with Time to Spare?

This team of two call themselves the Road Trippers and they escaped the room and became this Escape From Mystery Manor’s Weekly Winners! They solved the game in Room 1301 with an impressive 18 minutes left on the clock.

Can You Solve This Puzzle?

Did you know your brain needs workouts like your body does? Escape Rooms are great ways to increase your cognitive brain function and have fun! At Escape from Mystery Manor, we have three escape rooms guaranteed to work your brain: Room 1301, Murder at Mystery Manor, and Prison Break.

Let’s start your adventure with a warm-up brain-teaser! Can you solve this puzzle? Share your answers in the comments then check back next week for the answer…

A sundial has the fewest moving parts of any timepiece. Which has the most?

brain teaser icon for escape from mystery manor in meridian idaho

Have You Escaped the Room at EFMM?

Did you know your brain needs a workout like your body? Escape rooms are live-action brain-teasers perfect for a fun night out with friends. Are you ready to escape the room at Escape From Mystery Manor? Here are a few COMMUNICATION TIPS that will help your team escape the room with time to spare!

  • LISTEN TO YOUR TEAMMATES: To work as a team to solve an escape room, you will want to listen to the ideas of all your teammates.
  • PASS THE TORCH: Each teammate with you will have unique skills and perspectives. If you are not good with word riddles, pass the touch to a teammate who is.
  • ASK QUESTIONS AND GET CURIOUS: If you never ask, you will never know! Get curious and work your brain! When you ask all the questions, ideas begin to flow freely!
  • CELEBRATE CLUES: Speak up when you think you have found a clue! Whether you are playing a Linear or Non-Linear game, every clue matters. Celebrating clues also helps your teammates stay positive as time quickly disappears.
  • ASK FOR A HINT: The goal is to have fun while you escape the room, so if your team gets really stuck, ask for a hint from the game masters. Yes, it will take a few minutes off the clock, but it might just be a missing link to solve the puzzle!


Escape the Room & Get Featured!

Check out our Instagram to see all the players that attempted an escape room game last weekend. Book a room now for your chance to be Escape From Mystery Manors’ Weekly Winner.