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Escape Room DON’Ts

You have read our TIPS to escape the room at Escape From Mystery Manor, but now let’s take a minute to talk about escape room don’ts!

Don’t Ignore the Rules

Rules might not always be the first thing you think of when you want to have fun, but when trying to solve an escape room game, rules can enhance the enjoyment and lead to success, aka escaping the room. This applies to the game introduction as well. When listening to the escape room introduction, pay attention to the rules and details you can use once you try to solve the puzzles. You will get the most out of your escape room experience when you understand the rules and play by them. 

Don’t Go to the Bar First

You will need all your wits about you to solve the puzzles at Escape From Mystery Manor. We would encourage you not to play intoxicated. If that is your thing, then celebrate once you have beaten the game. 

Don’t Fill Your Pockets

As a team (check out our teammate tips here), pick a designated location for clues and puzzle pieces. Don’t put items you find in the escape room in your pockets. Not only will you forget that they are there and accidentally take them home, but then others also won’t be able to see all the clues available to solve the game. Keep the clues out in the open because you will want to provide your team with as much information as possible to escape the room.


Knowing these escape room don'ts can help you avoid failing like this team.

Don’t Force It!

If it does not come off the wall with a gentle tug or by using a key or puzzle piece, chances are it is not supposed to come off the wall. This escape room don’t is simple, don’t force it! Listen to the game rules before you start the escape room. If it tells you that large furniture should not be moved, don’t move it. It will waste your time, can ruin the room for the next group, and it could be dangerous.

Don’t Hyper-Focus on One Thing

When solving a riddle or puzzle, it is vital to keep an open mind and not become hyper-focused on minute details or a single clue. Think outside the box but inside the escape room! Escape rooms can be linear or non-linear, yet even if there is a particular path becoming hyper-focused on only one possibility can eat up your time.  Some escape rooms include red herrings that can overcomplicate things or halt your progress. If you feel stuck, try focusing on something different in the escape room.

Ready to put your skills to the the test?!?!!! Try on of our three ESCAPE ROOMS this weekend!

Prison Break Escape Room

  • 4-8 Players
  • Difficulty: Medium – Hard
  • Linear
  • Family Friendly

Murder Room Escape Room


    • 4-10 Players
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Non-Linear
    • Family Friendly

Room 1301

Escape Room

  • 2-6 Players
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Linear
  • Family Friendly

Here are a few more Escape Room Don’ts

Don’t Give Up

Remember that an escape room is a combination of a live-action video game puzzle. Part of the game includes the concept that you will become confused or stuck. The point is to communicate with your teammates to identify and solve pieces of the puzzle before the time runs out. It will require persistence and determination. We believe in you! Don’t let the escape room beat you! Check out these MINDSET TIPS to escape the room.

Don’t Be an Alpha!

You came to Escape From Mystery Manor to have fun with your family, friends, or co-workers. Don’t be an Alpha and take over the escape room, the puzzles, the clues, or the game! Rely on your teammates and let everyone have a chance to be engaged with each other and with the escape room!

Don’t Pick a Difficult Room if it’s your First Time

Escape rooms can be great fun and mentally engaging. However, they can also be very frustrating if you are new to the concept and you pick the most difficult room to attempt on your first time. If you are new to Escape Rooms, read this post: What Is An Escape Room? Every escape room in Idaho by Escape From Mystery Manor has a difficulty rating of Hard, Difficult, or Most Challenging. The escape rooms Prison Break and Room 1301 are both ranked as difficult. Murder at Mystery Manor is considered the most challenging.

Don’t Be Afraid to Split Up

If you are playing a non-linear escape room game, a wise strategy is to have more people searching for clues or looking for the next step. So, when you are in a non-linear escape room, don’t be afraid to split up. A vital element of the divide and conquer strategy is to have a designated location or person where all the clues will be placed. This will allow you as a team to analyze the clues and then work towards escaping the room.

Escape room don'ts that will help you beat the game