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Do You Have What it Takes to Beat an Escape Room?

It is another week, and there is a new Escape From Mystery Manor  WEEKLY WINNER! The Wilsons had what it takes to beat an escape room, and they did it with 15 minutes left on the clock to earn the title of this week’s fastest team! 

What Does It Take to Escape?

Five groups did not escape the room at Escape From Mystery Manor this week. What does it take to find all the clues and solve all the puzzles in an escape room? We think there are 7 things you need to beat an escape room!

  1. A Great Team: Remember, the team that goes in together either escapes the room together or… does not. There are a few strategies to picking the right team. Want to know what they are? >>READ MORE<<
  2. An Open Mind: Enter an escape room ready to think and work your mind! Don’t get stuck on one minor detail. Think outside the box and inside it, too. Stay open to endless possibilities and have fun while trying to beat the escape room game.
  3. Communication Skills: It will be essential to communicate with your teammates. You might also want to ask the Game Masters for a clue. Regardless of how nervous you may get, speak calmly and use direct questions that are easy to answer.
  4. Awareness of the Clock: Our three rooms, Prison Break, Room 1301, and Murder at Mystery Manor, have a 60-minute countdown clock. You will want to be aware of this time limit and the actions that can cause you to lose time from the clock.
  5. Curiosity: Curiosity is one of the mindset skills you need to beat an escape room. Be curious about everything, but do so within the boundaries of the escape room rules. For more mindset tips >>>click here!
  6. Eye for Detail: Sometimes, it is the details that matter. While it is great to think big, pay attention to the little things, like colors, order, and sounds.
  7. Understanding of the Rules: Pay attention to the rules told to you at the beginning of the game. Play within the rules to have the most fun and successful experience in an escape room.

More Escape Room Questions?

If you have more questions about an escape room or how you can play, read this >>> ANSWERS TO ESCAPE ROOM QUESTIONS.

Knowing these escape room don'ts can help you avoid failing like this team.